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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Energising inner snacks...

It's another morning and I hit it running. There is so much I need and want to do before Sunday! It's like that for me, particularly at this time of the year. I am planning Christmas Day; there's an ecumenical advent event at our church early Sunday morning; there's Habitat for Humanity work and plans to deal with; some workplace support clients I need to meet with; my daughter is keen to move back into her house; there's end of year events to attend; and this morning I get an email from Bangkok, - with the rioting there the Night Shelter Trust Chairman is stuck and may not get back for our AGM... I may have to chair it!!? I said to my wife this morning that it seems like I have not had a real day off for ages. But... there are lots of energising experiences.

A man who with his wife volunteered at our Christmas Day dinner last year rang up and said how much he appreciated it and offered again this year, offering also to arrange for some funding through his law firm.

I attended a school end of year concert last night. A friend's children were participating. It was a strange feeling being proud for her about her kids, but also I saw how teachers and kids cared for each other and felt that its not a bad world after all.

I finished my rounds at the brewery and paused for a moment outside in my car. I thought how special it was. I talked to a number of men about things in their lives... what a privilege? A man talked about his experience of grief at losing his dad. An engineer with joy showed me how he was overcoming problems with the keg plant and his eyes shone with pride at his inventiveness and skill. I came away buzzing at being allowed to be part of these guys' world.

In the midst of the rushing, stressing and busyness there are moments like these, moments of grace that nourish the soul if I have the eyes and heart to see them. As I start another day that won't end for another fourteen hours, I am thankful for these "energising snacks" along the way. Have a good day!

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