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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Jesus virus...

Just a thought or two more on "salvation". To me "Salvation" is being infected by the "Jesus Bug". It is allowing his ways to become our ways. Sometimes we religious people have developed an immunity to the bug. We will be involved in religious activity with fervour, but somehow immune to his giving, generous and free flowing lifestyle.

Another picture is allowing ourselves to dance to the Jesus music. I was watching a country music dvd of a concert. I love the music because they look like they are enjoying making music. (Watching choirs they look like they are at funeral and so much rock music looks angry!) The audience participation was interesting. There were people sitting tapping their toes to the music. Others were clapping in time to the music. Still others were dancing in the isles, full bodied clapping. Its like that with Jesus. Some are just tapping their toes, starting the "loving, giving journey". Others are getting more into it.... but all are to some extent, at different times opening themselves to be moved by his love as his way as and when they encounter it. I love seeing people even in little ways, "catching the beat" or "getting into the Jesus rhythm". We have a guy we call Ozzy who comes to our drop-in. He's a pain in the backside because he loves to tease people. But he is changing! He now dresses differently. He helps hand out the food and clean up. He helps us host the nights, in a weird sort of "Ozzy" way but he's slowly getting into the rhythm, catching the bug, and becoming more whole.

Dave Andrews says, "The essence of being a devotee of Jesus is to live in sympathy with God as Jesus did; feeling the throb of God's heartbeat, and teaching our hearts to beat in sync with the love that sustains the universe." A song that I love goes "Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.... let the love of the master be seen in me... etc. " I love seeing people changing in that direction, sometimes even catching the bug without being aware of it. I love being able to look back on my life and being able to say in surprise... "Hey? I'm different... I have grown as a person! What do you know?!" That's "Amazing Grace".

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