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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Stupid cat!

We have a workshop/junk room/ex-garage at our house. There is a hole in the door so that our cat can get in and out of it and she has taken to sleeping out there on an old chair. I went out there this morning and as I opened the door she was wanting to come out through the hole. I slowly opened the door thinking that she would get the hint and wait till I had it fully open and walk through the open door. But no... the stupid cat kept trying to get out the cat hole, which of course was a moving hole as the door opened and was slowly squashing her against the furniture on the other side. She eventually took some backward steps and waited till the door was fully opened.

I have been reading some opinions by bigoted Christians. I am always encountering people who resist change. I experience people who argue over matters in families, workplaces and churches. I could not help thinking that we are often like our cat. There is a three foot wide door opening, but the only hole we can see to go through is the narrow 5 inch cat door we've always gone through. We are sometimes so hooked on tradition or our way of doing things that we cant see free flowing alternatives that are open to us.

Just an early morning thought... gotta tell someone, may as well be you... you poor people.

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