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Monday, March 14, 2011

Good News.. great generosity!

I once got given an ornament with the word "Grumblebum" written across it. A friend was overseas, saw it and thought of me. I am often expressing grumpy thoughts. I thought I would make a change... today is good news and delight. My two bikes are worn and the chains slip on the cogs. You dare not try to stand up on the peddles while biking! Male bike riders will know that you can easily hurt sensitive parts of your anatomy when this happens. Often with the firefighters we are checking out each other's attempts to stay fit. I am asked regularly if I am still running or what I am doing. I mentioned that I had been bike riding to ease strain on my sore knee, but that my bikes were playing up. I mentioned that I had been pricing new bikes. I moved through to another room and was talking to another guy when one of the firefighters came through and said, "I have a bike you could have. It is my spare bike, but you could have it, it is a good solid bike." I said, "How much do you want for it?" "I am giving it to you!" he exclaimed. I picked it up last night and indeed it is a high quality mountain bike with indexed gearing and in good nick. I took it home and rode around a bit shaking my head. Such generosity blows me away. There are lovely people out there. I said to him, "What happens if your good bike craps out? You wont have a spare?" "Its a good excuse to buy an new bike." he grinned. "Its yours, I am happy its going to a home where it will be used and appreciated." As I loaded it on my bike rack I said, "I'll do you a favour sometime!" "You've already done a few of them." he said back, and waved goodbye.

Today it is raining and I am busy till late tonight. But tomorrow night there's a bike ride on the agenda. Isn't that generosity lovely?

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