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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I am getting there.

From depression to hope...one step at a time.
It is 11:30 on Wednesday night. On Sunday I felt fearful and depressed. I essentially worked Monday. I ran a good funeral on Tuesday, at least that is what the feedback suggested. I did my chaplaincies, did some office work and attended a Trust meeting on Tuesday evening. Good decisions were made for the future and I felt I made constructive contributions to that. My wife and I treated ourselves to an expensive nice evening meal in a fancy restaurant for our 42nd wedding anniversary. Today I have spent a lot of time hosting people in Space2B, attended a couple of meetings, and had a 6:30pm - 9 p.m. tea time meeting. It was a full day but I still came home and completed some work typing up last Sunday's sermon for our Church blog.

Depressed on Sunday I put my "head down and bum up" and slowly but surely worked my way through those things that worried me. I am feeling more positive now. I still have two massive days ahead of me, but I know that "one thing at a time" I can cope with it. ... I have a decision to make by Friday. I can release part of my load and make life easier... On the surface it sounds a no-brainer... make life easier! But in doing that I could be letting people down and also cutting back on opportunities to be all that I can be! Either way there will be some regrets, life is not black and white.

Wish me luck. ... I have learned in life that when you are up against it, it helps to dig in and just take and focus on one step at a time. Eventually you come out the other end amazed at what you have achieved..... I should sleep easily tonight.

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Linda Myers said...

Yep. Take the next indicated step.