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Monday, October 29, 2012

Growing up without me.

Oh I wish...
I work on six days of each week and have Mondays off. (Though like today there are frequently work things that need doing.) We received a photo of our grand daughter on Saturday and we were astounded at how much she had grown. We Skyped with the family tonight and were so impressed with this very grown up looking alert baby. All this just made me want to get up there and spend time with her. She will be grown up without knowing her grand parents! But when can I do such a visit? It requires travel to airport, flight nearly the length of NZ, transport to Auckland city and a ferry ride to Waiheke Island. With only one day off a week it is an impossibility!  I get so jealous when I hear of other folk in the church taking a weekend to visit grand children. Maybe I'll pinch a couple of days off before Christmas, get some cheap airfares and disappear?? 
Feels good to be active
I went up my mountain today at a fast pace and jogged down. I really pushed myself and was pleased with what I could do. It is a buzz getting back to some regular and serious exercise. I have a 10k race in March that I am hoping I can do successfully. Because of my bionic plumbing I had to wear long trousers, I would loved to have been in shorts, we have had a brilliant sunny day. 

Already tonight work emails have arrived demanding attention. I have a very busy week ahead, life seems to be cranking up. We have met tonight to begin planning for our 24th Community Christmas dinner. Wow! We can do it ... again.

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