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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

You want to do it now? Shock! Horror! Ouch!

I went to a hospital appointment today expecting a consultation about future treatment for my "plumbing" problems. Upon arrival I was told there would be at least an hour's delay, but I better not go away. An hour and a quarter later I was seen by a specialist, who was very good at putting me at ease. He had to be because after telling me of blood test results, giving me a bladder scan he informed me that I should have a catheter and bag. He wanted to do it now! I will need an operation which I will have to wait a few months for, but in the mean time I should wear this contraption. Will I agree to it? Questions raced through my mind. My sex life will be over? Will I be able to go jogging? What about tramping? What about my two hours of table tennis on Friday nights? If I choose not to and just wait for the operation, what damage could I do? How will I feel confident leading a service with a bag? etc. etc. The nice doctors answered the questions we asked, but waited for our positive response. Then the deed was done. 
I am home, feeling shaken wondering what lies ahead? I am intensely uncomfortable with moments of hard to bear pain every now and then. It feels like a bad dream. I actually took my running shorts, clothing and shoes thinking I would have a small run tonight. How come so much can change in a few hours? I have so much work to get through in the rest of the week. I hope I can do it. A district nurse is coming to see me tomorrow. The nurse rolled her eyes when I asked if she could see me in my office. Oh well, another experience in life. Watch this space.

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