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Friday, June 22, 2012

Love actually...

My beautiful fast growing grand daughter. 
I often rant about the evils in the world but I have to tell you about the love I encountered today.

  • I went into the office at around 9 a.m. and essentially spent the morning at the church. I had intended to go out but things prevented me. I had a visit from a Night Shelter friend and enjoyed talking night shelter business for a while. I enjoy his company whenever we get together. My wife came in and declared she was taking me to lunch. I bumped into St John people in the street and was warmly received and chatted freely. A representative from the Women Across Cultures Group who I let use our hall came with a donation from the women for the Church, and real words of appreciation. 
  • I opened up my emails at one stage today and received a warm email of appreciation for my recent series of "If the Church were Christian..." sermons. The email expressed what they meant to this lady.
  • I had a phone call from the Night Shelter friend again and he said I just had to meet somebody, it would be worth my while. I went and met this man who owned a farm a long way from Dunedin and he wanted to gift a regular supply of food for poor in Dunedin. We talked and prayed together.
  • We had received furniture at the night shelter from a store but in moving one desk we had broken it. We went back to the store and he replaced the part for nothing, because it was the Night Shelter. Again we chatted warmly.
  • I was warmly received at the fire station when I got there.
  • We had a really warm and loving feel at the Drop-in centre tonight. We would have had fifty through but there just seemed to be a warmth and friendship that drew people together as a group. I looked at it and saw it was good. There were lots of life enhancing expressions of friendship being expressed.
  • We came home from Drop-in and there were beautiful gifts of appreciation for help given left on our kitchen table.
It has been a day of warm fuzzy's, which is good for the soul.

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