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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday night blobbing.. "What's Christianity?"

Tonight I have just blobbed out in front of TV. I seemed to have been busy lately and as soon as I stopped this afternoon, I fell asleep.
Today I led a service on "If the Church were Christian it would care more about love and less about sex." While I did not reveal my total liberalism on the subject, I did try to expand people's thinking. I gave examples of how Church legalism on matters sexual had been life and love inhibiting, rather than life enhancing. I suggested that Jesus would not break relationships with people who lived by different standards, that he would look past the issues we have and see the person, and that his God and Father would be more interested in us having loving, fulfilling, life enhancing intimate relationships. He would be more interested in relationship than legalistic rules and regulations. It was a tiring service, because I knew I was dealing with a tricky and sensitive issues so it required a lot of concentration to make sure I worded it strongly, but sensitively. I had to fight the temptation to be brazen or crass just to stir the pot and look "modern". It was an interesting exercise.
It may have been the subject but I enjoyed a number of indepth discussions after church. I had some good positive feedback about the service, but again I enjoyed conversations with some openness and meaning. I t was time well spent.
Tonight I listened to a sermon by Marcus Borg. I have listened to it before and found his summary of "What is Christianity about?" something I can say "Amen" too. I think I would want to add a bit more "love in action" emphasis... that we are transformed not just by thinking, worship and praying but as we get involved in giving and serving, transformation takes place. But I liked his summary. It is only 15 minutes and worth a listen for its content. (Though he is not the most dynamic of speakers - he is evocative and thoughtful.)
Today my friend and I tried a short spell of running... It was slow and short but it did feel good. I want to run again! I hope I can build up slowly again.

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