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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday toil...

It looks like I am posing but I was just trying to get out of the way.

Tomorrow night the lowering stairway gets installed.

The last wall to be ready for gib board.
Today has been quite an interesting day. I spent most of the morning working with a social work student on Night Shelter stuff... progressing toward a positive project we put before the board on Thursday night. I did ambulance and fire service chaplaincies and spent time discussing things with a night shelter friend. It is exciting times that seem to be all coming together with a great team of people.
Work finished about 6 p.m. and I went and worked on my daughter's renovations. We dwanged out the last wall of the room ready for gib board. We then cut a hole in the ceiling and fixed up the frame work, ready for the installation of an attic ladder which lowers out of the ceiling. It was great. We thought out what we wanted to do, we worked methodically through all the steps and it all came together beautifully. You feel good about such things and you gain confidence in your own abilities and skill level. A late but enjoyable night.
When we got home we collected the mail and we got a lovely letter of congratulation for becoming a grandparents from a friend in Palmerston North. We had been talking with her on the phone over the weekend. She is a widow, her husband died while we were in Europe nearly two years ago. They were good to us when we were in Palmerston North. Here's what she wrote; "I read a saying - 'I like me when I am with you.' I can honestly say Laurie (her husband) and I always felt that with you two." That warmed the cockles of my heart on this cold night. :-)

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