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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lunch time rant

Where have all the statesmen gone?
I notice the death of Sir Brian Tallboys who was once a National Party M.P. He was around in the days when there were a few real statesmen in politics. I never voted for his party I would have to say, but on both sides of the house there were gentlemen politicians who you could respect and you knew, even though you differed from them, they were men of integrity. Many of today's politicians seem like street fighters compared to some of these guys.  I guess early politicians were not as exposed to the media as the current crop, but there does seem to be a real difference.
One on every committee.
From my teenage years on Youth Committees through to today I have been on a myriad of committees both within the church and in the community. I think every committee I have been on has its people or person who is pedantic! These are the people who make the progressive dreamers on the committees jump through every hoop to get things done. In some ways they are good because they make you examine your dreams. Often however, they feel like a lead weight holding back any change or progress. Bless them, but I often want to scream - "Lighten up!"


Keith Harris said...

Dave, I think your comments about statesman-like politicians in days gone by is accurate, although I would argue there were exceptions, notably the PM to whom Talboys was deputy. I'm not so sure about the present crop being streetfighters though. From what we read and hear, the soapbox pollys in the day of Lee, Semple and Savage were better suited to that description but they managed to be statesmen simultaneously, because they had respect. Those guys stood for things they believed in. It seems to me that all the present major party politicians stand for is getting re-elected so they can keep their jobs.

Dave Brown said...

Yes Keith, I'm not saying they all were quality people, but there seemed to be a number of them who you could admire as people.. Not that impressed with current mob. I like the Greens boss, he seems to be a clear and dignified thinker. Jury is still out on David Shearer... don't hear that much from him... which could mean he thinks before he speaks and is formulating a position.